Anahuac Spa at Borinquen Thermal Resort

Special Spa Packages

Let us pamper you with one of our special packages and enjoy our most popular treatments, or enhance your spa visit choosing your own treatment.

Special Spa Packages

Ethereal Ahanuac

Duration: 90 min. - Price: $231.65
Start your immersion with breathing exercises and assisted stretching in our thermal fog bridge. A mineral-laden space as part of the culture behind thermal baths involves not only an outer cleansing, but also an inner purification. The volcanic mud charged with its intent and energy in synergy with the copaiba and jade quartz bowl frequency cleanses, clears and increases energy through pressure point and massage techniques.
This treatment provides increased vitality and boosts brain waves.

Nature Quintessential

Duration: 45 min. - Price: $90.40
Explore our facial treatments and bring the benefits of plants to your skin. We have developed a full range of facial care options made with effective plant-based ingredients that work together to restore radiance, suppleness and balance to your skin. Includes jade massage and cranial aromatherapy.


Duration: 90 min. - Price: $231.65
Massage with hot stones, totally renewing that optimizes cell regeneration starting with the inhalation of cedar as a base note that connects and roots you with the earth. By placing hot stones along the body's natural energy channels, it improves the flow of vital energy and brings relaxation.


Duration: 60 min. - Price: $107.35
Our massage experiences are entirely customized in time, technique and areas of your body to be worked each of these therapies include a preamble of incense ritual which is described as a hyperspecific wellness experience and steeped in tradition used to purify, cleanse and relax, incense has evolved into sensory experiences involving mindfulness practice and aromatherapy.

Wine Flourish (2 Persons)

Duration: 90 min. - Price: $260
The ideal treatment to provide antioxidants and bring radiance and luminosity. After a gentle skin cleansing and wrap you surrender to a decadent custom massage with merlot and hot and cold rose quartz stones that stimulate the skin's luminosity. A glass of our wine collection gives the final touch to this treatment.